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Morlaix International Adult Ballet Camp by Tracey Lindsay Chan

The dancers of the camp performing Act I of Bournonville’s “Napoli.” Photo credit: Michel Le (IG: @michellephotographe)

WHERE: Classes, rehearsals, and the performance take place across multiple locations in Morlaix, Bretagne, France

  1. LE STUDIO DE LA MANU: Cour des artistes, 42 bis Quai du Léon, La Manufacture, 29600 Morlaix

  2. LA BARGE: 34 route de Paris, 29600 Morlaix

  3. LE ROUDOUR: Rue Park ar Roudour - 29600 St Martin des Champs

WHO: Julie Dupas, Dinna Bjorn, Eric Viudes (2023 team)

WHAT: One week performance camp

WHEN: July 7-July 15, 2023


This camp is well-designed for those who seek the whirlwind experience of learning a full-length classical ballet in just one week, and the rewarding thrill of performing it in a beautiful, local theater. You’ll dance alongside professional dancers in the lead roles and get immersed into what “company life” is like. Each day starts with a technique class and is followed by rehearsals that run into the late afternoon or early evening. The chosen production for 2023 is Auguste Bournonville’s A Folk Tale.

Julie Dupas is the master organizer of this international camp and wears many hats. In addition to putting the entire camp together, she leads a daily recovery & injury prevention class, is a fellow performer, hand sews many of the costumes, and prepares healthy food for the dancers who pay for the–very affordable–meal plan option. (Additionally, on a first-come, first-serve basis, the camp also offers housing options in a gorgeous château.)

The ballet teachers seem to rotate each year and are selected for their expertise in the style of the classical ballet being learned / performed. In 2022, Bournonville’s Napoli was the work performed, and participants learned a fair amount about the whys behind Bournonville’s style and his choreographic choices.


The personal touches, amidst the backdrop of a picturesque location. The organizer, Julie Dupas grew up in Morlaix and her family there is also very involved in ensuring the camp runs smoothly. This family-run aspect of it is an endearing cherry on top of being in the lovely, historic town of Morlaix. Bouncing between the different studios and theater, you can get to know the town quite well, which makes for lovely walks each day as you unwind from 8-9 hour days (including lunch break), though many opted for renting a car and carpooling as it is hilly, especially heading up to the theater from the main area of town.

The team effort, and a major sense of accomplishment. As a fellow 2022 participant, Ming, perfectly stated: “We eat together, dance together, compare our muscle pains, and work hard together to put on a full length show in seven days.”

Size limit at 30-35 people. The human connections made during the camp were strong as it is a small group. The international nature of it is very special. People attend from multiple countries. It’s great to dance alongside fellow adult dancers who share the same strong passion for ballet as you.

Professional photography and videography. Participants receive a full length video and hundreds of photos of the performance and tech rehearsal. It’s a lovely documentation of memories. Dancers can also pay an additional fee for a personal photoshoot at the château.


Last year was the first year of the camp taking place in Morlaix, so it naturally had some issues, such as insufficient barres and slippery flooring. Additionally, for the dancers and faculty alike, the chaos of quickly pulling together a full-length performance stirred up some confusion and frustration. However, all of these issues have been kindly addressed for the next iteration of the camp with more barres, freshly laid marley flooring, and improving off of learnings from 2022.

It should also be stated that the highs and lows of learning, costuming, and staging a classical ballet in just a week is bound to stir up some tough moments. It is all part of the natural process, so embracing it together is a key part of the camp’s experience.


Dancers of at least an intermediate level (3+ years ballet training experience) who are seeking a performance opportunity of a full-length, classical ballet in a local theater. Pointe shoe work is not required, though most participants did elect to perform in pointe shoes at the 2022 camp. Note that based on your experience, you will be split into different levels, and roles / group choreography are assigned based on your level.

Visit the Morlaix Ballet Camp website and their Instagram (@morlaixballetcamp) for more information and photos. The 2023 camp is currently sold out, but a waitlist is available.


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